Hassle Free

Having a website has never been as streamlined and hassle free. In just 4 easy steps, VWD can have you soaring with the eagles.

Guy drawing out the plan                           HTML code                            Launch button                                   The word training with puzzle pieces.

  1. Plan– We will meet and talk about what your specific needs are. Just what are you looking for in a website. Is it interactive? Static pages that allow people to contact you? Maybe you are looking for a site with very low maintenance and updates
    required. Whatever, the case we will work through what YOU want.
  2. Develop- This is where you get to sit back and let me use my years of knowledge and expertise. I will handle getting your site coded and on the world wide internet.
  3. Implementation/Launch- When the development is complete, I will walk through your new site page by
    page with you, ensuring that it is exactly what you wanted. With the final edits in place and the go-ahead nod, I will launch your final site for everyone to see and enjoy!
  4. Training- The process is not complete until you know to access your website and walk through maintaining it. I will personally show one or more designees just how simply edits can be made- it really is as easy an using Microsoft Word. YOU do not need coding skills because I already taken care of that for you.

From start to finish, you’re covered. Why not get started today?

To learn more about the services that Veteran Web Designs offers, you can visit the Services page.